Four Programs Earn Individual Event Titles, Baylor Wins Eight Events

Four Programs Earn Individual Event Titles, Baylor Wins Eight Events

Final Results

WACO, Texas -- Four National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Association (NCATA) programs won individual event titles on Saturday afternoon to open the third day of the NCATA National Championships at the Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas.

Baylor University led all programs with titles in eight different events, including four of the six tumbling passes. Oregon garnered the second-most event titles with four victories. Hawaii Pacific was victorious in two events, and Converse won the final event of the afternoon.

In the acro, pyramid and toss events, Baylor picked up wins in the six-element acro with a score of 9.675, the inversion pyramid with a score of 9.95, the 450 salto toss with a score of 9.70, and the synchronized toss with a score of 9.725.

In tumbling, the Bears took the duo pass after a score of 9.75 by Kaylee Adams and Bri Harris to open the event. In the quad pass, Baylor scored a 9.225 as Lexie Amhrein, Mercy Seay, Madison Kruse, and Ashely Echelberger took the championship. Individually, Hope Bravo won the aerial tumbling pass with a  score of 9.90, and Adams scored a 9.65 in the six-element pass to win the crown.

Oregon took two of the three pyramid event championships to get into the win column on Saturday afternoon, scoring a 9.825 in the synchronized pyramid, and a 9.925 in the open pyramid. The Ducks also took the third toss event with a score of 9.875 in the open toss, and Oregon wrapped up the afternoon by winning the trio tumbling pass as Hannah Blair, Casi Jackson and Makenna Jarman posted a 9.225 in the pass.

Hawaii Pacific won two of the first three events to open the afternoon, winning event titles in the five-element acro with a score of 9.80, and seven-element acro with a score of 9.70.

Converse became the fourth program to win an event championship in the final tumbling pass of the day when Tyaeme Haugabook-Lugo scored a 9.650 in the open pass to win the title.

Below is a complete list qualifiers from Saturday's Individual Event Finals. Thirteen programs from around the country qualified for at least one event.


Individual Event Finals Qualifiers

Five-Element Acro: Alderson Broaddus, Azusa Pacific, Oregon, Hawaii Pacific, Baylor

Six-Element Acro: Limestone, Fairmont State, Quinnipiac, Oregon, Baylor

Seven-Element Acro: Glenville State, Quinnipiac, Oregon, Baylor, Hawaii Pacific


Inversion Pyramid: Concordia (Wis.), Glenville State, Limestone, Converse, Quinnipiac, Azusa Pacific, Baylor

Synchronized Pyramid: Concordia (Wis.), Glenville State, Hawaii Pacific, Azusa Pacific, Baylor, Oregon

Open Pyramid: Concordia (Wis.), Azusa Pacific, Fairmont State, Oregon, Baylor


450 Salto Toss: Limestone, Azusa Pacific, Gannon, Oregon, Baylor

Synchronized Toss: Glenville State, Hawaii Pacific, Azusa Pacific, Oregon, Baylor

Open Toss: Alderson Broaddus, Azusa Pacific, Baylor, Quinnipiac, Oregon


Duo Tumbling: Glenville State, Fairmont State, Azusa Pacific, Oregon, Quinnipiac, Baylor

Trio Tumbling: Azusa Pacific, Gannon, Baylor, Oregon

Quad Tumbling: Oregon, Quinnipiac, Azusa Pacific, Baylor

Aerial Tumbling: King, Gannon, Converse, Oregon, Baylor

Six-Element Tumbling: Limestone, Quinnipiac, Oregon, Azusa Pacific, Baylor

Open Tumbling: Limestone, Fairmont State, Converse, Azusa Pacific, Baylor