Faustino, Coon, and Boothe Earn Week 4 NCATA Honors

Faustino, Coon, and Boothe Earn Week 4 NCATA Honors

The University of Oregon took two of the top three honors as the NCATA announced its week four award winners this afternoon. Oregon's Yeelena Faustino was named the Athlete of the Week, while teammate Payton Coon earned Specialist of the Week honors. Converse's Dominique Boothe was named the Freshman of the Week.

Faustino, a sophomore base from San Diego, Calif., was named the NCATA Athlete of the Week after leading the Ducks to a 277.755-247.745 victory over Arizona Christian last week. Faustino helped lead Oregon to a trio of perfect-10's in the compulsory pyramid, compulsory toss and five-element acro heats during the victory. In fact, each of the eight heats that Faustino competed in scored a 9.75 or higher during the meet. She also helped Oregon score a 94.78 in team event.

Coon, a junior base and top from Portland, Ore., helped the University of Oregon turn in a season-high score in the toss event by leading the team to a 9.80 out of 9.90 in the 450 salto toss, and a 9.85 out of 10.0 in the open toss. Coon contributes as a base in the 450 salto, and as a top in the open toss.

Boothe, a freshman top from Floyd, Va., competed in three heats and team event for Converse last week. Her performance was highlighted by a 9.75 in the acro five-element, and a 9.55 (out of 9.90) in the synchronized pyramid. Booth also helped Converse to a 94.29 in team event as CC edged Fairmont State. Booth tops a pair of 9.90 pyramids during team event.


Honorable Mention (Athlete of the Week)

Ashley Echelberger (Baylor): Echelberger, a senior top from Georgetown, Texas, competed in 11 total heats to lead Baylor to a win over Quinnipiac in a 2018 national championship rematch. Six of the heats that Echelberger competed in scored a 9.75 or higher, including a 9.80 in compulsory pyramid, compulsory toss, five-element acro, and synchronized pyramid. She also played a vital role in Baylor's team event that scored a 97.65 to wrap up the meet.

Tyaeme Haugabook-Lugo (Converse): Haugabook-Lugo, a sophomore base and tumbler from Elgin, Ill., helped lead Converse to a narrow win over Fairmont State by competing in 12 total heats during the victory. Her performance was highlighted by a 9.65 in the open pass of tumbling, and a 9.70 in the open pyramid.


Honorable Mention (Specialist of the Week)

Kaylee Adams (Baylor): Adams, a senior top and tumbler from China Spring, Texas, helped lead the Bears to a pair of scores of 9.60 or higher in the tumbling event. Her performance was highlighted by a 9.85 in the individual open tumbling pass, and a 9.60 in the duo pass to lead-off the event.

Madeline Rushing (Fairmont State): Rushing, a junior base from Carbondale, Ill., helped lead Fairmont State to a 9.75 or higher in each of the pyramid heats last week. The performance was highlighted by a perfect-10 in the open pyramid for the third-consecutive meet for Fairmont State.


Honorable Mention (Freshman of the Week)

Sierra Bombard (Limestone): Bombard, a freshman base from Lebanon, Tenn., competed in 12 total heats during Limestone's victory over East Texas Baptist. She helped lead Limestone to five scores over 9.0, including nearly a perfect score in the six-element pass of tumbling (9.10 out of 9.20). She also helped LC score a 9.75 in the compulsory toss, and a 9.50 in the compulsory pyramid.

Catherine Reynolds (Fairmont State): Reynolds, a top and tumbler from Fairfax, Va., competed in six heats and team event to lead Fairmont State last week. Reynolds once again impressed in the six-element tumbling pass with a score of 9.575 during the meet. She also helped Fairmont State score a 9.85 in the inversion pyramid, and a 9.75 in the synch pyramid.