Galvin, Adams, Samuel Earn First NCATA Weekly Awards of 2018 Season

Galvin, Adams, Samuel Earn First NCATA Weekly Awards of 2018 Season

Oregon senior Taylor Galvin earned first National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association (NCATA) Player of the Week plaudits on Wednesday, Feb. 7 after a stellar season-opening performance during the first weekend of competition. Baylor junior Kaylee Adams and Gannon freshman Danielle Samuel were named the Specialist and Freshman of the Week, respectively.

The first awards release of 2018 marks the first time that the specialist and freshman of the week awards have been presented by the awards committee. The specialist of the week award was created to recognize a student-athlete who exhibited an outstanding performance in one or more heats or events in events 2-5 by a top, base or tumbler. More specifically, awarded to a student-athlete who participated in nine or fewer heats but performed well in her specialized discipline. The Freshman of the Week honor is awarded to a freshman whose qualifications for the honor replicate those for the Player of the Week award.

Player of the Week

Taylor Galvin – University of Oregon

Senior – Base/Tumbler – Foothill Ranch, Calif. (El Toro H.S.)

Galvin excelled in the Ducks' season opener, competing in 12 heats during Oregon's 267.890-225.305 win over Concordia University Wisconsin. The senior was a member of eight heats that scored above a 9.50, including a 9.675 in the open pass, the team's highest tumbling score. Galvin participated in all three pyramid heats as a base, ushering the Ducks to a 9.80 in the inversion heat, a 9.55 in the synchronized heat and a 9.75 in the open heat.


Specialist of the Week

Kaylee Adams – Baylor University

Junior – Top/Base – China Spring, Texas (China Spring)

Excelled in acro, pyramid and toss events, averaging a 9.77 over five heats in Baylor's season-opening win over Alderson Broaddus. The junior was a member of three heats that scored a 9.90 for the Bears, earning the total in seven-element acro, inversion pyramid and synchronized pyramid.


Freshman of the Week 

Danielle Samuel – Gannon University

Freshman – Tumbler/Base – Randallstown, Md. (Western School of Technology and Environmental Science)

Samuel competed in four winning heats for the Lady Knights against Concordia. Two of the heats registered scores of 9.5 or higher. In heat one of the pyramid, Samuel helped pound out a score of 9.9 out of a possible 10. In the open pass, Samuel scored a 9.525 out of a possible 9.95 as the solo member in the heat. 


Player of the Week Honorable Mention

Lisa Wagaman – Gannon University

Junior – Tumbler/Base – California, Md. (Leonardtown H.S.)

Wagaman was part of 10 victories for the Gannon acrobatics and tumbling team last Saturday during a 273.195-230.530 win against Concordia University Wisconsin. The junior was part of victories during three of the four compulsory event heats; pyramid heat (9.80/10), toss heat (9.75/10) and tumbling heat (8.90/10). She helped Gannon win two of the three acro event heats, including the five-element (9.70/10) and six-element heats (8.40/10). Wagaman took part in two of the three pyramid event heat victories, being No. 1 in the first heat (9.90/10) and second heat (9.60/9.90). Her run continued in the toss event where she participated in two of the three wins, including the first heat (9.30/9.50) and third heat (9.30/9.40). Wagaman concluded the day with a victory in the tumbling event's triple pass with an 8.250 score out of 8.75 possible points.


Shayla Moore – Baylor University

Senior – Top/Base – Alpharetta, Ga. (Johns Creek H.S.)

Moore participated in nine heats, helping propel Baylor to a 267.435-251.360 win over Alderson Broaddus. Moore opened the meet with back-to-back 9.95 scores in the compulsory toss and pyramid, later joining the Bears in a synchronized pyramid heat that scored a 9.90. After a 450 salto and synchronized toss heat that logged 9.55 and 9.60, respectively, Moore capped her meet with a 9.575 in the open pass.


Nicole Kelly – Alderson Broaddus University

Junior – Top – Painted Post, N.Y. (Corning Painted Post H.S.)

Kelly helped anchor the Battlers' effort against Baylor University on Sunday afternoon. Participating in eight heats throughout the event, the junior was a member of two pyramid heats, helping Alderson Broaddus tally an 8.80 inversion heat score and a 9.90 synchronized heat score that led the Battlers to an event victory over Baylor.


Specialist of the Week Honorable Mention


Meghan Hughes – Gannon University 

Sophomore - Tumbler/Top - Lakewood, N.J. (Donovan Catholic)

Hughes competed in nine winning heats for the Gannon Lady Knights. She registered a nine or above in six of those heats. In the tumbling event, Hughes knocked out a 9.25 from a possible 9.55 and then a 9.4 out of 9.55 in the aerial pass. She also helped Gannon score a 97.57 out of 103.62 in the team event.


Kaylee Nicklos – University of Oregon

Senior – Base – Bellevue, Wash. (Newport H.S.) 

Participating in five heats for the Ducks, Nicklos helped Oregon to a 9.80 in the inversion pyramid and a 9.75 in the open pyramid. The senior added a pair of 9.40 scores in the synchronized and open toss to cap her season debut.


Freshman of the Week Honorable Mention


Morgan Celum – Baylor University

Freshman – Base/Back Base – Georgetown, Texas (Georgetown H.S.)

Appeared in five heats during her Baylor debut, participating in the Bears' season-opening victory against Alderson Broaddus. Celum was a member of a compulsory pyramid heat that scored a 9.90, an identical score in the synchronized pyramid and a 9.60 in the synchronized toss.


Addie Lacell – University of Oregon

Freshman – Base – Naperville, Ill (Neugua Valley H.S.)

Competing in six meets during her collegiate debut, Lacewell was a part of a 9.80 and 9.90 in compulsory pyramid and toss, respectively to help the Ducks score a 38.50 out of 40 in the event. The freshman also participated in a 9.90 five-element acro heat, a 9.55 synchronized pyramid heat, Oregon's 9.40 synchronized toss heat and the Ducks' 90.89 team event.