Acrobatics and Tumbling is the evolution of different forms of gymnastics. The sport involves tumbling, tosses, acrobatic lifts and pyramids. Teams compete in six events including – compulsories, acro, pyramid, toss, tumbling and team event. The skill sets of tumbling and acrobatics are also the athletic aspects of cheerleading. The lifts and tosses you see in cheerleading are actually acrobatics gymnastics skills. Competitors in this sport demonstrate significant strength, power, flexibility, and balance in their skill set performed.

Youth Sport

In 2013 USA Gymnastics added Team Acrobatics & Tumbling as a new sport under its “Gymnastics for All” (GFA) programming. There are two levels – Junior division and Senior division, both are designed for the competitive athlete to develop the skill set needed to pursue advancement into the NCATA. In 2014 USA Gymnastics hosted the first national championship. For more information on this Youth sport, visit the USA Gymnastics website (www.usagym.org) or contact Ron Jacobson, Director of Program Development – USA Gymnastics, rjacobson@usagym.org

College Sport

The college sport of Acrobatics & Tumbling began competition in the Spring of 2011 and is offered colleges and universities throughout the country. Teams compete in six events including – compulsories, acro, pyramid, toss, tumbling and team event. Each season a team typically competes in 6-8 meets. Acrobatics & Tumbling with competition in the Spring each year. Member institutions have team roster sizes of 28-40 athletes. Our member institutions include all levels of the NCAA – Division I, II, and III. Acrobatics & Tumbling teams train up to 20 hours per week and are varsity athletic teams and treated the same as all other varsity teams on the respective campus. The recruiting base for Acrobatics and Tumbling is broad pulling from artistic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics, Team Acro & Tumbling youth sport, and high level competitive cheer teams.