Varsity Status

Teams compete in a minimum of six NCATA (and USA Gymnastics) sanctioned meets from February to end of April to determine seeding for the National Championships.

This new sport combines skills sets currently use in artistic gymnastics, an Olympic sport, as well as acrobatics, an internationally competed and recognized sport.

All NCATA member teams comply 100% with all the NCAA recruiting and season requirements.

All NCATA coaches are USA Gymnastics professional members, indicating they have been background screened, safety certified, and shown to be of highest standard to maintain this membership.

All varsity teams are fully funded through their athletic department, receiving operational expenses, salaries and scholarships for their programs.

The NCATA member institutes follow the standards of eligibility and practices set forth by the NCAA for other spring sports.

All member institutes are fully recognized as a varsity sport in their respective athletic departments.

NCATA member schools are required to have regular season meets leading into their post season national championships.